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Hunter(L4D) Cosplay for Halloween!!

2010-10-31 00:36:57 by Chaos5687

I dressed up as Hunter from L4D this year !!! People who saw me walking on the street got really horrified :P
Here is a pic of me dressed up as Hunter :D

Hunter(L4D) Cosplay for Halloween!!


2010-10-06 22:19:41 by Chaos5687

I submitted an uncomplete version of my first flash game "Attack of the Zombos!"
People's reaction towards my game turned to be better than I have expected :D Hopefully I will submit the improved version by next monday :D Thanks to everyone who has commented on my game so far :D


2010-10-04 21:48:30 by Chaos5687

I will post my first flash game ever in one week or so ! Hope it won't get blammed in 10 secs :P